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Thursday, 7 July 2011


Well well well. The arts education collective I'm a part of has its first two "Hello world, here we are!" events/workshops this weekend - full details HERE! If you happen to be in the area, pop by and say hello. I'm the one who isn't a woman.

Finally sent AOT5FB off to the publishers, so the only antho I'm working on now is THROUGH THE WORMHOLE (with Bill Tucker). It still needs formatting and artwork, but I'm confident this'll be sorted in the not-too-distant future.

I've just about finished my 7303 qualification, too - I've been doing this as an evening/night class since February, so it'll be nice to have it all sorted and get some more free time back. Once I've got it officially, I'll be able to teach in what they call the "post-16 sector" ie college and adult education.

So, after this weekend I'll finally finally finally have some time to get back on with my own writing, properly. I've mentioned before about feeling like I'm *almost* dragging my heels sometimes, but I do have quite a few stories waiting to be published, so it's not all bad. Not having the internet on my own PC is a massive ballache, though - I have to transfer files across to my housemate's laptop if I do any subbing/editing/etc and that takes up a small, but significant, amount of time every time I have to do it. Not to mention, it's her laptop so I can't hog it haha I was hoping to have the internet for myself by now, but a certain ISP *cough SKY cough* can't get their arses into gear and send me the equipment I need. But that's another story, and a somewhat boring one.

So long for now, freaks!

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