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Friday, 15 July 2011



Just rocketed a bunch of stories off via email to various markets. Some of which were previously rejected (but nicely, and typically because they didn't quite fit whichever place) but I haven't given up hope on them yet, by gum! They include The Future Is What We Say It Is (a politics-heavy sci-fi piece, which're two things I don't really write about much), Black Mountain (a Lovecraftian 'unseen horror' piece, which I do like writing, but this time I actually kept the 'monster' off-screen), Papa Crow (one of my fav and best-received [by my peers] pieces, but still homeless) and Fresh Meat for The City (a quite frankly bizarre mash of Lovecraft and noir that was initially written for an anthology that's never taken off the ground).

I'd like to tweak and send more off but it's getting close to my bedtime, I want cake, and I now have my Xbox back online and Sky Go is calling me with all its wonderful on demand films and programs.


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