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Tuesday, 31 October 2017


The prophecy has been fulfilled! CARDBOARD DEAD BOY VERSUS SATAN has been conjured forth by the use of eldritch rituals, ready to damage your ears and send your soul to a terrible abyss. 
All artwork by the incomparable Grebo Gray / Little Black Clouds 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Here's something for your eyeballs:

Currently polishing off the final track, as well as making any final slight adjustments to the other songs. The whole album is about the Satanic Panic of the 1980s! I've tried to go for a more accessible sound this time, with less noise (though it's still noisy) and more EDM/Berlin Techno-flavoured bits. I've almost always featured a lot of jazz samples in my CDB work and that's streamlined this time into mainly beats, though there's the ghost of my initial 'industrial ambient lounge' description lingering in the back of some tracks.

Speaking of my 'initial description' - I first started CARDBOARD DEAD BOY wwwaaayyyy back in 2001, I think, maybe 2002. I've churned out god knows how many songs/albums/EPs in that time, but a year or so ago I decided to try and re-focus the CDB sound; to actually create a definite sense of progression between albums. 

Part of that progression involves using the artistic talents of other people, so this time I've enlisted the help of a chap by the name of Grebo Gray aka LITTLE BLACK CLOUDS - he's an artist/photographer with a fine eye for the darker things in life, and I strongly urge you to check out his work. He's provided the artwork for various bands, and right now he's working on the cover art for CARDBOARD DEAD BOY VERSUS SATAN. He's also the very first person who reviewed my initial CDB release! So it's nice to have that link, and for it to have lasted all this time. 

And speaking of reviews - I'll be sending copies to anywhere I can find that seems like it might be worth asking for a review, so if you're interested or know anywhere, let me know!