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Friday, 22 May 2009


I've finally managed to reinstall film-editting gubbins on to my pc, which means that I should be able to start uploading some of my work, both old and new.

Unfortunately, I'm a massive fan of analogue, and I say 'unfortunately' because I put all my finished work onto VHS, and don't currently have any means of transferring that stuff back onto pc. Whoops.

So, I might have to re-edit some of my work before I can post it online. That's also providing I can find a video-hosting site that doesn't take the copyright of anything it hosts...


You can now view my latest film via http://tablefortytwo.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I've also wrote a few 'experimental' pieces that I'm going to try and see if I can find homes for:

DONKEY PICNIC - Would you like donkeys in the mail?

FOOD OF THE GODS PART 3 - 6. He brooded on him, and when that person tried to escape by accelerating hard and has glowing red eyes and green scaly skin “They are bold” had thus been brooded on, a mouth burst forth like a nightmarish egg. From the mouth proceeded South Carolina, from South Carolina ,Agni (fire).

SELF-HYPNOSIS AS A WEAPON - Let us take the latter's theoretical arsenal and apply it to show how they bought the property ten years ago. These methodologies arrived covered in pine trees on the academic scene. In Deleuzoguattarese, the aborescent-root-system model of the academy first branches into colleges – “even though some people think they’re weeds."

Monday, 18 May 2009

HELLO! Good evening, and wilkommen.

If you google Wayne Goodchild (and let's face it, who hasn't), there are two definite references to me on the first page; one I didn't have anything to do with and one that I very much did.

THAT would be 'This Heat Cannot Be Killed'. It's a short horror piece I've had published on Flashes In The Dark, a horror flash fiction site.

GO HERE ---> http://www.flashesinthedark.com/
READ ---> This Heat Cannot Be Killed
THEN ---> check out the rest of the stories on there. There's some decent stuff on there, and I'm not just saying that to partly massage my own ego. Well, maybe a little bit. Or a lot. But that's not important right now, and don't call me Shirley.

My main aim is to get other short stories published, either online or in magazines. At the moment, I've wrote these stories:

21 - Harry Jones receives a letter telling him his father, who supposedly died 21 years ago, is actually alive. Harry realises that the truth is waiting for him in his hometown of Fisher Cove, a village where they "look after their own".
The Curse of Perpetual Motion - It's 1938 and the Apocalypse is in full swing as every body decides to stop being dead. A middle-aged man and his beloved pet dog travel the States hoping to find sanctuary and answers, whilst evading the creatures that never seem to stop moving...
Old Windows - Four young boys visit a local abandoned house, and discover just why it's been ignored for so many years...
The Taint - In a piece that's a study on societal apathy, a pair of newly-weds buy their first house together, and realise that the last owner left an insidious housewarming present.
Occam's Razor - Following the theme of 'this heat cannot be killed', Jim Fulson contracts a unique disease and gains the terrible honour of becoming a 'Patient Zero' as his infection spreads at an alarming rate.
Milk Teeth - Andrew Decker has always lived an ordered and well-planned life. That was, until he started to lose his teeth and grow a whole new set...
His Name Is Robert Pavement - An extremely short piece of flash fiction (260 words!) that combines my love of bad puns and creepy parables.
Echoes And Undercoats - When Jeff lands an extremely well-paid job as caretaker of an old house, the owner has one main rule: Jeff is to only clean one room, and it must be done every single day, seven days a week. When the owner tells him she'll be going away for a while, the temptation to shirk his responsibility proves too strong and leads to irreversible consequences.

Some of these are out there in internet land and I'm waiting for replies, others will be sent off as soon as I've figured out the best markets for them (they're all horror, but some have Lovecraftian connotations, others are more supernatural, and there's even one fairly scientific story, so sorting this out is a bit difficult).

I'm also in the process of turning a script I filmed called 'Collapse' into an actual short story (the film's about a man who turns into sound and was my degree show piece at university a few years ago; I have a degree in Film and Video) AND I'm having a go at writing a Twilight Zone -style romance about a grieving wife. You can maybe guess what personal wish she gets answered...

Last but not least, I'm in the process of sending off a novel. It's called This Village Never Dreams, is about a PI who discovers that a race of monstrous gods are behind the deaths of those around him, and consists of seven stories/cases that're all linked and told from the POV of the PI. The best result I've had for this so far is from an editor called Anthony Nott at Bloody Books, who wrote me a lovely reply letter saying it's "original, unusual and extremely well-written" but, unfortunately, it turned out not to be suitable for his publishing house. At the very least this gave me a massive boost of self-confidence, which is never a bad thing.

Even more last but not least, I'm working on a Western novel (which is fun to research) about an unstoppable outlaw who's carving a bloody swathe across the American Heartland in 1865, and a 'superhero fantasy' novel that, if I do say so myself, is pretty funny. But then I would say that, wouldn't I?

These are very much works in progress, so in the meantime, I've started a book/film review "franchise" which you can check out HERE if you're interested. Any and all genres considered!