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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I've had an interest in psychology and philosophy for quite some time, and have discovered a lot of fascinating things through story research. One thing that's always interested me in particular, is how we all play roles in life; specifically, what happens when we become aware of the role we play, and seek to change it?

For instance, say your role is to play the calming influence. Maybe you diffuse a situation through levity, or reason. What if this person is paired with an emotionally distant person? The 'Calmer' would likely choose to pour/make up the lacking emotional energy into any communication with the 'Distant', to fill that gap. Typically, you'd assume that after a certain level of unreciprocated energy, the Calmer would give up, and move on.

But what if they know, from past experience, say, that the Distant has that emotional energy to give, but for whatever reason chooses not to? What if the Calmer starts to need emotional support from the Distant? So, their roles aren't reversed, but the Calmer is in transition. What if the Calmer becomes aware of their role, seeks to change it, but finds it extremely difficult to stop, well, calming?

What happens when we become aware of the role we play, and seek to change it...but can't?

At what point would the Calmer snap?