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Sunday, 30 August 2009


What ho!

Occasionally, I makez the remixez. My latest is HERE! It's a remix of This Momentary by Delphic, a hip new UK band. Top hats old bean!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I find vampires to be the most boring monster in the entire history of forever. However, I enjoyed Being Human's take on them and I really, really liked Forever Knight. Some friends recently put me onto True Blood, and I must confess I'm enjoying that, too. I missed Moonlight the first time it appeared on UK TV so I've started to give that show a go as well. But it seems remarkably close in themes and content to Forever Knight...but more "hip" and "sexy". Hmmm. At least these shows make vampires interesting again. Although I did love Buffy, and Angel (the latter a bit more, I think). I wonder if the renewed interest in vampires (I haven't seen Twilight, and don't intend to, thanks very much teeny boppers) will lead to a renewed interest in other monsters, like werewolves...? I think TV has a distinct lack of werewolf-flavoured series. I really do.


Like a heart attack! No wait, that's not quite right.

I've been on holiday. It was lovely.

And that's it! I'm trying to write not just new stories, but new music. I'm also supposed to be remixing a couple of bands but I'm still waiting for the master tracks of their tunez. Hurrumph, I say! Hurrumph!

I was suitably pleased with the zombie idea I came up with in Tennyson's Penultimate Stand, that I'm expanding the idea to novel length. Hopefully! Just reached 15, 000 words so just another 60-odd thousand words to go. Hurray?!

And in closing: the latest Paper Chase album is brilliant.


Friday, 14 August 2009


I'm 30 years old. Holy shit.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to listen to the latest Paper Chase album, HURRAY!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 7 August 2009


The Funkatronic 5000 Audio Sound Noise Broadcast Podcast episode 3

is now


Monday, 3 August 2009



Getting another 'story' published! In a book!

It's another Library of the Living Dead collection, entitled Letters From The Dead. The idea is that there really was a zombie apocalypse, and this book is filled with collected letters from people who knew what they were writing was the last thing anyone would read by them. It's due out in Fall/Winter, next year.


I zombied up King Midas for Zombie Feary Tales, and wrote a very short zombie story called Tennyson's Penultimate Stand, for Zombology VI. Two more stories to appear in two more books, from LOTLD! Shit the bed!

Oh, and the second episode of The Funkatronic 5000 Audio Sound Noise Broadcast Podcast is now online!


SO there I was last week, checking out my local bargain basement bookstore, looking for cool STUFF, when all-of-a-sudden I spotted a comic bin. 2 packs for 99p! it said. I had a good old rummage and lookee here:

I've never, ever heard of Continuity Comics, but this cover suckered me in. It features their Superman rip-off, Megalith, battling tentacled horrors. Unfortunately, the actual story seems to be a confusing mess, involving Megalith battling his own mind to gain understanding of his powers. Or something.

I suspect CC struggled in the marketplace, given the slightly desperate tone of their advertisements. What on Earth do you mean by that, Rev Austin? Allow me to show you:


And given the other characters on offer, I'm not surprised. I mean, how could anyone have thought a hideously 90's cyborg rock star called CYBER RAD would be a good idea?!


Answer: business people living in the 90's! "Cyborgs are cool. Rock music is cool. Let's combine them, into yet another hopelessly confusing comic, and call it CYBER RAD!"

And if these adverts for their other characters are anything to go by, 'Confusing Comics' really would have been a more appropriate moniker:

Oooo, hello soldier!

I also don't think growing up reading Marshall Law really helped me (and others, I suspect) to take these kinds of characters seriously. But then I discovered this in one of the packs. Yep, he goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare:


And since the comic came before the cartoon, CC evidently hoped for a repeat performance from some of their other characters. Never happened.

But now's it time for the MEAT. Back in the mid-90's, Marvel and DC had the completely insane brainwave of combining their characters. Quite literally. Amalgam Comics was the result, with a variety of 'one-shot' issues featuring these 'new' heroes and villains. Amalgam also did a rather clever thing of mentioning, in the comics, backstories and other characters that were never actually printed, thereby giving the illusion of a whole seperate comic universe. In one pack of comics I picked up, I had THESE:


Dr. StrangeFate is rubbish, as a character, but the story he's involved with is really ace. There's a superhero called Access, and he and the Doc are the only people who know that the Amalagam universe was created by merging two other ones. The doc sends a posse of heroes after Access to sto him, and that's pretty much it.
Dark Claw is much cooler, and not just because it mixes Batman with Wolverine. Oh alright, that's exactly why it's so cool. Dark Claw fights The Hyena (a mix of The Joker and Sabretooth) and...that's pretty much it as well. At the back of both comics there's an ad for all the other one-shots.

Unfortunately, despite being "first issues", these aren't really worth a lot. As mentioned, they never made any other follow-on issues (hence them being 'one-shots') so these were all readily available, in large numbers, diminishing their worth as collector's items. Amalgam DID produce a couple of 'collected' graphic novels, however, featuring stories and characters not mentioned above. I own the one with the Man-Bat/Man-Thing creature, Bat-Thing, in it. It also features Lobo The Duck and a different Dark Claw adventure. Cool beans.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

I WANT MY MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES I've just had my fifth story in five months accepted, and I'm getting paid for it, and it's going to be in a book, and you'll be able to buy it online, and I think, in certain bookshops!


The story's called 'Eygpt, PA' and will appear in Scroll of Anubis, an anthology of mummy horror stories(!) currently being put together by Library of The Living Dead. GET IN!