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Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I find vampires to be the most boring monster in the entire history of forever. However, I enjoyed Being Human's take on them and I really, really liked Forever Knight. Some friends recently put me onto True Blood, and I must confess I'm enjoying that, too. I missed Moonlight the first time it appeared on UK TV so I've started to give that show a go as well. But it seems remarkably close in themes and content to Forever Knight...but more "hip" and "sexy". Hmmm. At least these shows make vampires interesting again. Although I did love Buffy, and Angel (the latter a bit more, I think). I wonder if the renewed interest in vampires (I haven't seen Twilight, and don't intend to, thanks very much teeny boppers) will lead to a renewed interest in other monsters, like werewolves...? I think TV has a distinct lack of werewolf-flavoured series. I really do.

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