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Friday, 6 May 2016


Ahoy-hoy! I'm positively bursting with creative endeavours at the moment, so let me talk about them before I explode. UUNNGGHHH.


When Clive the T-Rex witnessed his beloved wife Brenda and all his friends get wiped out by a gigantic asteroid, he developed an instant and severe hatred of all space rocks. As he then perished in screaming rage, he swore his spirit would never rest until all space rocks were wiped out of existence. At that moment, he was Clive no more, but SPACE REX!

Now you can take control of his disembodied head and vomit cosmic energy laser breath across the final sector of space to still have space rocks in it. But beware - it turns out asteroids are being controlled by cosmic horrors, so you'll have to laser them to death too.

SPACE REX 2 will be my second computer game. It's about 50% complete and will be FREEEEEE to play once it is finished. For deets, eyeball THIS LINK.

Is it normal size and on a tree, or gigantic and on a cliff?

This is a YA novel by G. G. Neilson I'm currently editing. It's about a teenage boy who discovers he can communicate with birds. I know I'm biased, but it's really enjoyable. I think it'll be out in a month or two. More deets via Belfire Press HERE.

This is the actual book I have, ooo fancy.

And THIS is my latest novel. It's influenced by the Theban plays, quantum mechanics, Jeff Vandermeer and Lovecraft (with a sprinkling of Raymond Chandler). It's now complete, after been critiqued by beta readers, and I'm going to fire it off to a publisher this weekend. Fingers crossed for THAT. It's about a husband trying to save his estranged wife, against the backdrop of a world in the grip of monstrous gods. There's time/reality travel, giant monsters, weird cults and themes of buried truth, repetition and unavoidable fate. I'm really, really pleased with it and seriously hope it finds a home somewhere because it's the fucking business.

And the last thing I'm endeavouring about, is music for SPACE REX 2. I've had some feedback from CHARRED CORPSE GUNFIGHT that the soundtrack is "epic", which is really nice to hear. You can hear that music, and something from SR2, HERE. They're only short tracks and are minimalist electronica.

And that's ya lot!