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Saturday, 2 July 2011


You can have a nosy at the cover art for Attack of the 50ft Book right HERE!

Not only does the cover monster clearly stand above fifty feet in height, but the book isn't 1000 pages long. I hope no one calls trading standards on me.

AOT5FB features stories from CHARLES M. SAPLAK, MURRAY LEEDER, BEN GODBY, LORNE DIXON, SUZANNE ROBB, J. T. RIFF, JOHN MICHAEL MARTIN, NEIL MORRIS, STEVE RUTHENBECK, KLAUS MUNDT, CHARLES DAY, MATT ADAMS, BRANDON CRACRAFT, BILL BIBO JR., PATRICK FLANAGAN and MICHAEL C. LEA and has a wide variety of giant monsters on show, from Godzilla-style mutants, to Lovecraftian deities, to colossal animals, to arcane horrors. Something for everyone, then ;)

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