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Thursday, 18 November 2010


I'm waist-deep in submissions for A GLITCH IN THE CONTINUUM and I'm quite enjoying it. 'Quite' because I don't like sending out rejections. But, it's a necessary evil. Plus, you can't make an omelette without breaking some heads.

I don't get too bothered by rejections myself nowadays, but I do get a bit cheesed by form rejections. Urgh they're the worst! And they plant the seed of doubt that your story wasn't read all the way through. I understand most places do it because it's one heck of a time-saving device but it's still annoying. I'm trying to offer constructive feedback where possible for Glitch, or at least say what I think does work about a particular story, so writers know I have actually read their story :D and I've read all of them so far, even if I skimmed some a bit (because they didn't grab me) but I say so, if that's the case, and why.

Listen to me; I'm a right hero! I even got paid in cake by a co-worker today because I moved a bunch of tables. If that sort of thing can spill over to my editing duties it'd be pretty nifty ;) but seriously...I've already had some very polite responses from rejected authors, but I don't expect it so it's a nice bonus. I'm still waiting for that one unprofessional writer to send me a vehement email though haha oh dear.

Anyways, I've got quite a few more stories left to read - I plan to send my next batch of rejections out tomorrow, if I have time, otherwise I'll have to do it on Saturday or Sunday night. Keep holding your breath, submitted authors! I'll get back to you as soon as I can!



  1. Way to go, Wayne.

    I realize writing individual rejection letters is time-consuming, but writers should appreciate the effort. Feedback on what works and what doesn't in a story should help an author refine his or her writing.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I am one of those eagerly awaiting reply, and I can only say that personalized rejection notes are always a welcome treat. Sure, I'd rather get an acceptance note, but if an editor actually takes the time to write a personal note, telling me what they did and did not like, I treasure that. I'm happy to know that I either have an acceptance or a personalized rejection coming my way from this one. :)

  3. Well it's always awfully nice to know my efforts (such as they are) are appreciated :) I think I'd only send form rejections if I really was swamped with subs, like maybe approaching 200 and I hadn't had the chance to read any before the end of the sub period.