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Sunday, 28 November 2010


Well I've done it; I've finished selecting the stories for A GLITCH IN THE CONTINUUM. It sounds a little trite, like Dermot on the X factor telling the latest hopeless vocalist that they 'gave it their best shot' (but secretly he thinks they're shit), but the final decision was a tough call. I rejected some absolutely solid stories because there were ones I preferred that little bit more. But ahh, such is life in this biz we call show.

What's NEXT? Only another anthology! I'll post details on WEDNESDAY. Oooo very exciting!

And for me? Not much. Got a couple of cool bands on the go, and I'm working on something that was supposed to be a short story but is turning into a massive headfkkk of an idea instead. That's about for it now, I reckon. I think I'm off to bed to watch 2012! Yippee!


  1. Fantastic Mr. Wayne! Looking forward to reading the crazy time-travel hijinks! Just in case you were wondering, I WAS near finishing my story...but then stuff happened, and things also. Still, I'll send it along for your esteemed opinion at some point ^^
    How many are there to be in the end? 10? 20? A MILLYON?!

  2. I would love to read what ever your wonderful brain comes up with! I've got 12 stories in this antho - I wanted a 13th but it would have taken me over my allocated total word count :(

  3. Aww :( A pity indeed.
    I will be submitting a story for Through the Wormhole also...look out, its comin' atcha!