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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Thanks for asking, Blog Headline - I'll tell you!

Mainly, I've been reading through submissions for A Glitch in the Continuum (I intend to start sending responses out tomorrow) and also discovering excellent new music.

New music?

Yes, italicized words, new music. I'm a big fan of all sorts of things, from dark, midnight jazz to horrible, monstrous dirge and my top picks for cool bands would have to go to the following:

ADMIRAL ANGRY - truly monstrous. Very, very heavy and hateful. Utterly brilliant!
THE PYSKE PROJECT - metallic doom. Solid sludge with excellent dynamics and off-kilter rhythms.
37500 YENS - jazzy mathrock. Wonky rhythms mixed with a lovely sound. And they're French!
OLD MAN GLOOM - ambient/doom. Part weird soundscapes, part unrelenting hard rock doom. 'Christmas' is an excellent album, with the song 'Volcano' being worth the price of admission alone.
THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE - experimental jazz. I can't even tell you how amazing this band is. They mix late-night vibes with electronics and are just incredible.

Interesting. But have you done any writing?

Yes I have. I'm currently working on a superhero story and one set in a place that exists outside time and space but not outside time and space, and is a mash-up of various genres...and could feasibly lend itself to serialization!

Interesting. Say, didn't you enter a writing competition or something?

Yeah I did. The 6th Annual Cafe Doom one, to be exact. I may or may not be doing well in it - I can't wait until everyone finds out which story was mine! And vice versa!

Interesting. Which story is yours?

The one with- hey you cheeky monkey, you tried to trick me!

Yeah I did.

Sneaky bugger.

When do you find out how many chumps liked your story, and how many thought it was utter balls?

Tomorrow, I think. Anyone interested can visit Cafe Doom to see for themselves!

Interesting. I'm bored of you now.

That's very rude you-

I'm stopping this blog entry right now because I'm sick of the sight of your disgusting words. Oh my god you make me wanna puke you fucking scumbag!

No need for that!

There's every need you slimy cock face! You have a face like a cock!



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