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Monday, 17 May 2010


I always do that; come online then completely forget why.

I bought Dante's Divine Comedy today in a gorgeous hardback book with wonderful etching/illustrations, because I thought "Well it's very nice to look out, and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to cram some literary culture into my brain". To balance out this particularly lucid thought I also bought The Mammoth Book of The Mafia, which claims to be first-hand accounts from former Mafia informers. I always thought that's one thing that never existed, because, you know, they'd get killed as soon as they're found out. But evidently not.

Also started looking into 'bizarro fiction' a bit more today, and it turns out I've written a few fair things that could be classed as this - the only trouble is they're rather short. Hmmm.

Today feels a bit wasted because I woke up, couldn't get on with any writing due to having to go to an interview, got home and had a late lunch then started working on about fifty stories in a row, and found myself unable to concentrate on any of them for long. ALSO trying to wade through more Doomology subs - some are ace, some are absolute bloody piss-takers written by people who clearly didn't even bother giving the guidelines a cursory glance. And yes I know I may have just spelt 'cursory' wrong.

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