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Sunday, 16 May 2010


Okay, so maybe the producers of SMALLVILLE didn't have as much of a budget as they would have liked for the season 8 finale, in which Clark Kent finally has to battle Doomsday, but to spend half the season leading up to this mammoth event, only to, er, not actually show anything, is seriously, seriously taking the piss.

Doomsday is literally unstoppable, is he? Well showing him on one street in Metropolis, throwing one car, throttling a child, then punching Clark through about five buildings, only for Clark to grab him and 'jump' to a power station and into a geothermal explosion (or something) hardly classes as "the most powerful adversary" Clark Kent has ever faced. I'm pretty sure there were piss-weak 'meteor-freaks' from season one who had more screentime/put up more of a fight than Doomsday did. Utterly, utterly disappointing.

Oh alright, the 'five buildings' bit was cool, but really, the whole thing was a sick joke. Clark's gonna bury Doomsday alive, deep underground, is he? Oh no wait the explosion killed Doomsday. Or did it? It's frustratingly unclear. Plus, it'd already been established that every time Doomsday 'dies' he comes back much much stronger, AND Clark was told he simply would not be able to stop him or kill him because now he couldn't be killed. WHAT????!!!!!!

So instead of a five minute bout of fisticuffs we get Jimmy Olsen getting killed. Poor bloke. At least his death got more airtime then Doomsday. I wasn't expecting the level of carnage from the comic arc that introduced him but you know, for a hard-as-fkkk killing machine you do kind of expect your money's worth.

Oh and now Zod's back. Okay Smallville, reuse old ideas why don'tcha?

Hurumph. Maybe this means they'll bring Doomsday back and use him properly.

And pigs might fly HAHAHAHA! It's enough to make me want to become a forum troll and incite hatred towards my fellow man.

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