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Thursday, 20 May 2010


Recently purchased the latest albums by THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and KARMA TO BURN, two bands I luuurrvveeee.

Unfortunately, neither album caused my socks to explode off as a result of hearing awesome music.
OPTION PARALYSIS, the Dillinger one, is remarkably normal, with pratically none of the sheer madness inherent on their previous album IRE WORKS. That was a 10/10 album if ever there was one, whereas Paralysis is too disappointing to be anything above an eight, maybe, and that's quite charitable. If anything it veers back towards MISS MACHINE, arguably their weakest album, partly (in my opinion) because it was quite 'soft' and heralded a new vocalist, Greg Poaauchtiosihuio.
Yet, one of my favourite songs, not just on this album but out of all the Dillinger canon, is one of the softest - Unretrofied. I also managed to catch Dillinger on tour before MM came out, and was incredibly impressed with Greg's vocals, particularly when playing the songs the band wrote with Mike Patton (swoooon!). Unfortunately he then sounded too much like him on MM, and that put me off a bit (if I want to listen to Mike Patton I'll listen to, er, Mike Patton, not some chap who sounds remarkably like him).
But back to Paralysis...none of the songs really grab me, except maybe WIDOWER, with its refrain of 'You walked away' repeated over and over at the end. Actually, hardly any of the songs feel like they have proper endings, rather they fade out or just kinda...stop. I do need to give it a few more listens but it's JUST NOT WEIRD ENOUGH. Too metal, not enough jazz. Plus I think Greg's vocals are a bit all-over-the-shop, and not in a good way.
And there's nothing that compares to the incredible MILK LIZARD from Ire Works...

APPALACHIAN INCANTATION is Karma To Burn's fourth album, and also a comeback of sorts. I have to admit I'm one of their annoying fans who still hopes they get a vocalist again, preferably the chap from their eponymous debt album (which is STILL one my favourite and reguarly listened to albums of all time, even about 15 years after its release), and maybe in answer to this (not me, although it's nice to pretend) they've got a song with vocals on this album. Plus there's a bonus ep featuring vox from JOHN GARCIA from KYUSS.
Unfortunately, Karma To Burn have steadily been losing their 'whiskey and cigarettes' style of stoner rock for a more conventional sludgey sound. Which is still fine by me, because they know how to write monster grooves, it's just a shame they've also steadily been dropping the experimental/effects-laden sound they first came to attention with.
So what about the 'vocal' songs? A bit rubbish, really. Both sound like someone singing over the top of (or rather underneath) an instrumental track, instead of an actual 'song'. Plus the 'bonus ep' is a waste of time, largely because it features YET MORE RE-RECORDINGS. I swear KTB have re-recorded every single song at least twice, with some getting the treatment three times. Crazy!
I have heard it on good authority though that the new album by THE OCEAN, called HELIOCENTRIC, has a high chance to explode my socks off, so I may check it out soon!


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