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Wednesday, 22 March 2017



It's not all deranged mutant insects and fancy mountains for me right now - sometimes I still do my creative THINGZ and here is one such thing...z.

It's music!

https://www.indabamusic.com/opportunities/little-india-the-hunt-remix-contest/submissions/0d2cd664-0e7b-11e7-bc99-0ee9d79f649d [I can't seem to get the embedded code to work so have a link instead] It's a jazzed-up rework of The Hunt by Little India, a recent indie band who aren't afraid to drop a ton of sax into their songs. Nice!

Every so often I do remixes, because they're a guaranteed way to get the ol' creative juices flowing like a fresh deep wound. Mmmm! With this one, I kept in mind that famous piece of writing advice 'kill your darlings' ie trim the fat, don't be afraid to lose stuff, don't be too attached, and so forth. I know with my own music I tend to be....I don't think 'self-indulgent' is quite the word (that always makes me think of ten minute widdly guitar solos), more over indulgent. I put sections in songs that sound pretty awesome but bloat the runtime, sometimes affect the flow, all that jazz. So with all the new stuff I'm working on I'm trying to cut down on this. Kill my darlings. This remix is an example, in that I chopped out two minutes of stuff to make it all kick in quicker and flow faster. I also resisted the urge to overly distort any of it, so it's actually pretty accessible, if I do say so myself. And I do!

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