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Saturday, 11 March 2017


There was this story I read as a kid, which some will know as 'Tailypo': a hunter snags the tail of some unknown creature and, over the following few nights, he hears insistent scratching and an inhuman voice say "Give me back my tail" as this thing works its way from right outside his door to, eventually, the foot of his bed. It gave me the willies then and still does now, because I live next to a bamboo forest. Almost every night I hear heavy footsteps crunching their way through the undergrowth just outside my room (I have a window door that opens onto a balcony, with the forest scant feet from the edge of this). Sometimes the neighbours' dog barks its head off at whatever is out there. Sometimes I hear definite scrabbling sounds right outside the door. Last night I heard something in the darkness crackling out a harsh, guttural sound not unlike a person saying "Mike!", which was super weird.

So in honour of being freaked the shit out almost every night by unknown things, here's a photo medley of some of the horrendous creatures that have actually managed to get inside my room (although some are pretty cool). HAVE AT YOU!

If this earwig got inside your brain it'd make Swiss cheese of it within thirty seconds

This one hitched a ride in on my bag the other day

Why hello there little Glowbutt Bugface


This cicada was seriously GIGANTIC

Oh, you're cool, you can stay

This one is actually deadly. Oops!

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