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Wednesday, 12 October 2016


OI OI. Just a quickie (oo er!):

One reason I haven't been posting much in this last month is because I've been busy working on some remixes, yey for that! If you're interested, you can hear them here:


and here:

Another reason is because I've been finishing a Teaching English as Foreign Language course! I've now completed all the coursework for this, so fingers crossed I pass it all okay.

I've also watched an awful lot of films, and I'll be talking in more depth about these soon. In particular, a recent weird French film called EVOLUTION. It has genetic mutation and sea themes, so calling it 'Lovecraftian' is both not-entirely accurate and also not-entirely wrong. If you can, find it and watch it.

No end song this time since you've got some music just up there ^  - enjoy!

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