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Tuesday, 6 September 2016



It recently occurred to me that I haven't mentioned my latest editing work. Or at least, not for a while. So here it is!

A short while ago I finished editing THE END AND THE BEGINNING, a YA novel about a teenager who discovers he can talk to birds. It's written by G.G. Neilson and is a really nice, easy read with colourful characters and a strong sense of place. I also found out a lot more about different birds after working on this, which was fun. 

Right now, I'm finishing up NUADA, a more adult novel written by Gillian Bridé Madell concerning the ancient Irish tribes of the Firbolg and Tuatha. There's a lot of low fantasy (ie. magic, rather than monsters) and expansive, pivotal battles in the story and this has given me an insight into a part of folklore I never knew much about.

I've enjoyed working on both these books (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this, duuuhhh), and they'll be released via BELFIRE PRESS. I'm not sure when, but if these sound like stories you'd like to read, keep an eye out on their site, here and/or the respective authors' sites!

ALSO. I'm available to edit for YOU, since I'm freelance. I guarantee extremely competitive rates and a very courteous service. If you're interested, SEND ME AN EMAIL --> wayne(dot)goodchild(at)virgin(dot)net - I'll get back to you as quick as I can :)

And finally, in personal writing news, I've submitted my latest novel, A WRETCHED PLACE, to a publisher so I've got my fingers crossed this leads to something. In a world gripped by monstrous gods, a woman searches for the creature that exploded from her father's corpse, whilst her estranged husband tries to find her and save her life. There's a strong undercurrent of insidious menace, weird cults and quantum mechanics, and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. It is a little unconventional in it's structure, too, as it alternates between the woman and the man as their paths slowly converge. It's influenced by Sophocles' Theban plays, Jeff Vandermeer and, of course, Lovecraft (but without being explicit, or even directly tied into his mythos - I've gone for a feeling rather than homage, if you like).

And that was the nnneeeeeewwwssssss.

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