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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Ahoy-hoy. Surely by now every man and his dog's given DEADPOOL a good old eyeball? Wait, you haven't? What is wrong with you! Are you as crazy in the coconut as our eponymous anti-hero? Or maybe you look like 'two avocados had violent sex' so don't like to go out in public? In any case, there is something seriously wrong with you.

From the frankly brilliant marketing campaign it was apparent everyone involved knew what they were doing. Deadpool the film and Deadpool the character know exactly what they are and run with it until their legs drop off (but then grow back). The trailers and word-of-mouth may have convinced you this is a film by and for 13 year old boys, but I say to you, don't listen to that easy and cheap insult/compliment! True, there're plenty of boobs, guns and swears but it's important to note that there is also an actual story here.

After mercenary Wade Wilson finds out he's riddled with cancer, he decides the most heroic thing to do would be to save his fiancée from all the grief and pain of dealing with it, by leaving her. Cue a trip to an experimental "superhero camp" and a few revelations about the place, and before you know it Wade Wilson's reborn as the fourth-wall breaking anti-hero who just won't shut up.

To say too much more would spoil things, not because there are any particular plot twists but rather, this is a film whose exuberance you're best experiencing for yourself. Everything is delivered with exceptional style and wit, so much so that you might be too busy admiring how nuts a particular fight scene is you miss a few one-liners—I recently watched it for the second time and caught a few jokes and visual gags I missed the first time.

It's true that the copious trailers and excellent marketing have given a fair bit of the film away, and part of me wishes I could go back in time and pay very little attention to these, so if you can avoid them I'd recommend it. Save as many of the jokes as possible for your first viewing. If you're not keen on bum and willy jokes, maybe this film's not for you, but there's undeniably a sense of demented charm in immersing yourself in a world populated by a foul-mouthed and excessively violent anti-hero. There are insults and deaths in this film I guarantee you've never heard or seen before. Probably. I don't know what you've watched, do I? Give me a break.

Are the villains a bit boring? Yes. Do some jokes miss the mark? A few. Does it get as irritating as people tend to find Deadpool himself? Absolutely not. 

I think the best recommendation I could give is that my mum  really enjoyed it. The second-best recommendation I could give is that DEADPOOL is smart at playing dumb. It also has the BEST superhero rap song I've heard in a long time. 


And to end, here's the second-best superhero rap song I've ever heard:

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