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Monday, 9 June 2014


In a continued bid to impart personal information to random strangers on the internet, allow me to tell you about how I recently went to Texas and got engaged.

Actually, how about I bombard you with a shitload of pictures of American signs, because there is evidently something wrong with me. HAVE AT YOU!

There's something about the forests of signs that line American freeways that appeals to me. At one point I passed several McDonalds signs clustered together. Who needs several McDonalds in one spot?! Gun show and 'snake zoo' signs jostled for space beneath BUC-EE and DENNY signs. Every other billboard was for a law firm. I was constantly reminded that littering in Texas "IS unlAWFUL". There's a big thing in Austin about 'keeping it weird'. I experienced several extremely potent storms that everyone was quick to tell me was a "very rare" occurrence. The heat literally stole your breath every time you stepped into it, yet it wasn't uncomfortable. I found an amazing gastropod fossil and saw real-life fireflies. I crammed more experiences into two weeks than I had in two months of my 'normal' life. I proposed to the smartest, bonniest lass I've ever had the pleasure to know. I met some cool people. And then I came back to the UK. Suffice to say, I brought some ace memories with me that I hope to channel into stories at some point. For now, they're fuelling my desire to find work there, preferably before I head to Australia. Fingers crossed for that! And just to remind everyone, this will be the next anthology I appear in: http://nerinedorman.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/announcing-seas-line-up-of-stellar-names.html


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