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Monday, 16 April 2012


Believe it or not, naming this blog 'they call me potato' has an actual bearing on me personally, and isn't called that just so I can use that ace 'I am POTATO' picture my friend Colin gave me. But that's another story. I'm going to rename this blog so it's a bit more relevant to what I do/mainly use it for. That's right, chump - writting! I mean, writing!

From next week it'll be thissentenceishaunted.blogspot.com / thissentenceishaunted.blogspot.co.uk MAKE A NOTE!

I thought about starting a new blog with that name, but I don't want to lose all the stats related to this one - it's nice to see how many people have viewed this since I started it, and keep checking it out [11346 views since I started it!] - thank you, whoever you are! You're making my ego feel ten storeys high. I might only have 23 'followers' over there --> but the amount of people who have a nosey [515 views last month!] tells me that someone's actually interested in what I'm doing/saying, or are at least stockpiling ammo for their own anti-potato blog. You can never be too sure when the internet's involved.

So anyway. I'm going to mess about with the layout for a bit, so if you pop by here and it looks funky (the bad kind) you know why. I'd also like to 'step up my game' with regards general writing pimpage by actively promoting other writers. Everyone I've met since I've started taking writing seriously has been either very nice or supportive, sometimes both. I've hit some speed bumps along the way, such as getting ripped off by a publisher by paying for books that never arrived, and 'losing' several anthologies I'd compiled/edited due to differences (not personal ones) with regards to how small presses/indie publishers work. That's all rubbish, and in truth knocked me back a bit, but it's all stuff I can learn from. I'd also like to thank many of the writers I've worked with on the cancelled anthologies for being super supportive and understanding even while they were going tits up. The anthologies, not the writers. [I'm also aware the future of yet another antho has taken a turn for the worse, but I'm going to try and get this sorted as soon as I can].

What was I saying? Oh yes. I recently did a 'blog invasion' with Robert Harkess which was really good fun. I'd quite like to do more things like this with other writers - something different from the standard Q & A every other bugger does. Or at least a monthly interview-type thing. Consider this an open invitation to take part! You can pimp anything, not just your latest book! 

I'll continue to do all the other guff I normally do, like talk about music and movies (my other two loves) but see if I can maintain some form of order between posts. Unless people like chaos, in which case I won't change a damn thing. About the only thing that'll hold up all these grand schemes is the work I do as part of an art collective - we (that is, my friend and I) are currently project managing a two day arts festival, so that has already, and will, taken up a lot of time. Take up a lot of time. Will take up. See my good is English? LOLOLOLZ!!!1111one one

I think that's HOW for NOW. I'm about to write my answers for an interview that'll appear on G. R. Yeates' blog at the start of next month, which is exciting. I like gobbing off about shit. More people should ask me things. GO ON THEN.

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