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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Stop whatever you're doing and read this! The latest book I'm in is now available, and I'm especially excited because, at long last, I have been able to cause the literary destruction of Scunthorpe. WHHHHAAAAT?! Here's a taste:

The road tore itself free from the earth with a terrible rending of stone and metal. Pipes burst and gushed water and gas into the air as the tarmac peeled away in one huge strip. All the houses on either side shook and rumbled into new positions, closer to each other but still in neat rows. A monstrous bellow filled the world, and Dave saw how the Earth had become the bottom of a mouth; the homes teeth and the road a tongue.

Now THAT'S what I call a cover!
24 different authors, 24 different time zones, 24 different apocalypses! HOWZAT?! I'm sharing page space with:

Suzanne Robb
Aaron J. French
George Wilhite
Craig Saunders
John McCuaig
David Dunwoody
Sean M. Thompson
Gregory L. Norris
Rebecca Snow
Dave Jeffrey
Patrick D`Orazio
Emma Ennis
Adrian Chamberlin
Henry Snider
Stephen A. North
Micheal S. Gardner
Patrick Shand
Hollie Snider
William Todd Rose
Brooke and Scott Fabian
R.B. Payne
Darren Gallagher 

The book has a foreword by Joe McKinney and a bunch of wonderful endorsements. By who? you may well wonder. Buy the book to find out! WHERE?! Calm down. You can get it from HERE.

And the soundtrack to my apocalypse is provided by.....


  1. Awesome, Wayne! You rock my socks with this post!
    Then again you are the best so it is a given you are inherently awesome ;)