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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Here I am! Don't worry, Internet, I haven't forgotten about you like...oh, um, what's-her-face. I've just been EXTREMELY, GLAMOROUSLY busy. What? How? I hear you cry. Well shut up, and I'll tell you.

For most of last week I was recording with one of my bands - we're called HANDSOME BASTARDS and we live HERE and HERE (I'm the shouty one in the atomic t-shirt). Not sure when the songs will be mixed and ready for public consumption, but you'll sure as hell be the first to know. We also had our debut gig on Saturday, which went remarkably well considering we hadn't practiced in over a week. I would even go so far as to say we're now officially down with the kids, given some of the lovely things people said about us. Lovely.

I've also been super busy finishing off the formatting for A GLITCH IN THE CONTINUUM - you can see the cover art HERE (although the text is going to be slightly tweaked before it's published) - and ATTACK OF THE 50FT BOOK (I'm doing the art for this, and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the style I'm going for....ooooh what a tease!).

I'm hoping to find the time to finish tweaking THIS VILLAGE NEVER DREAMS, my cyclical novel set in the same world as JOHNNY CAVE, but nowadays instead of the 1940s. It's not been accepted or anything, I just thought it was about time to start sending it out again, see what happens :)

But the thing that's keeping me the most busy is my new business. Well, it's not "mine" as I'm doing it with two friends. We're called tinpot arts education collective and, basically, we'll be providing workshops for school/colleges/etc involving creative writing, bookbinding, drama etc (my friends have complimentary skills in these areas). Currently, we've got a book-art stall/workshop coming up on the 9th July, and another one on the 10th - details HERE! We're also in the initial planning stages for next year's Scunthorpe Young Persons Film Festival (which has been running for the last couple of years), an endeavor we're doing with a local production company called Let There Be Light. There's still a fair amount to sort out, but it's all very exciting indeed. And I have to admit I feel pretty grown-up going to actual business meetings all the time haha

Aaaand that's ya lot!

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