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Thursday, 28 October 2010


What, you didn't know? Where have you been, under a rock or something?

I'm going to celebrate this most prestigious of occasions by extolling the virtues of (ie gushing about) some of my favourite horror films, starting with In The Mouth of Madness. Later. Right now, I need to finish making THE PUMPKIN OF UNSPEAKABLE HORROR - if anyone's bored on Saturday, take a drive to Scunthorpe, to 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, where you'll get to see my pumpkin and a bunch of other ones. Yeah you will. It'll be worth it, too!

I might also vomit forth praise for some horror-related things, like computer games and books, but only if I can be bothered. What? This is my blog. If I can't be arsed, I can't be arsed. Suck it up and carry on, soldier!

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