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Friday, 29 October 2010


We interrupt your regularly scheduled internet browsing to inform you that aliens have appeared and unleashed the zombie apocalypse upon the earth.

So goes the general outline for a new graphic novel called DEAD ON EARTH: BEGINNINGS (available for your Kindle HERE). It takes the form of diary/journal entries of various characters as they describe the events leading up to and during the aforementioned alien/zombie powwow. It also features an introduction by none other than JONATHAN MABERRY!!!! C'mon, you know who is. His books are in WHSMITH!!!!!!

I, unfortunately, had to drop out of the project because I couldn't give it the time and attention it deserved, but Clarke (the chap behind it) has been very cool about it all and a thoroughly professional chap. My character is/was Jake Lynch, a preacher from the UK who was travelling across the States. Hopefully, I will get the chance to finish his particular story at some point because I had a chunk of it mapped out, and it was pretty sinister (you get a glimpse of what he's capable of within his first few entries)...

Clarke's also set up a DOE store, which you can check out HERE (and stuff featuring Jake Lynch is on it HERE). If you need something to read on one of your fancy ebook whatsits, and you like zombies, comics, multi-strand narratives and apocalyptic fiction, you can't go far wrong with DEAD ON EARTH. No. No, you can't. Get it already!

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