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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I've just posted this on the Library's forum so I'll share it here too! If you live in or near Austin, Texas, pay attention :D

I'm making this shout-out because a very good chum of mine has recently moved there and he wants Library books! ParticularlyLetters and Through since I'm in 'em haha but he's a cool guy and will probably buy others!
He doesn't have the means to get them online so I thought it might be cool if any Librarians happen to be in the neighbourhood fancy meeting a proper rock n roller from the East Midlands and shift a few Library books in the process?
He's helping out in a bar in Austin called The Tigress cos he's really good friends with Pam, who owns/runs it. Apparently it's the smallest bar there :D and you can find it "West North Loop and Lamar" if that makes any sense.

This is him:

He almost always has a hat on, otherwise he has a black quiff. He answers to "JOE ATOM" and is a MASSIVE fan of zombies and horror films. I seriously doubt you'll find many people with as much love for the horror genre as our Joe wink although I should warn women to be wary of his deadly charisma hahahahaha

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