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Sunday, 5 September 2010


Yes, I am very busy at the moment. I haven't even had time to play Guild Wars! hahahah

Went to the cinema to watch Scott Pilgrim recently - enjoyed it immensely - I haven't seen anything in a while that managed to put a great big grin on my face for the majority of it's running time. It was a little too long though, and everyone seems surprised to discover that Scott's really hard yet they never comment on it, which is a little weird (I know that's the "world" they live in but I'm sure if your mate suddenly kicked the crap out of someone you'd go "I had no idea you were such a tough bastard, even though our reality allows sound effects to appear as physical manifestations and for people to explode into coins when they die"). Minor niggles though. And surely ********* would have the REVERSE likes/dislikes to *****, meaning they would be enemies, not sharing ******. But anyway.

I'm hungry and hungover. The artwork for No More Heroes is pretty much done, just need Bill to give it the thumbs-up. This week I'm also going to start (properly) reading submissions for A Glitch in the Continuum. Also haven't done any proper writing, myself, for almost two weeks, for one reason or another, so I think I'll crack back on with some of THAT. Got my zombie/mutant novel still bubbling away in the background, so I think I'll continue work on that later today, if I have time. I'm supposed to be making a song out of a Zoidberg quote too, so I'll knock something up for that this afternoon, if I have time. I should also give my SOUNDCLOUD account a spring clean.

If I have time.

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