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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Time to cross fingers and wait as patiently as possible...sent two subs off, one for Severed Press' DEAD BAIT 2 and one for Permuted Press' TIMES OF TROUBLE anthology. It'd be nice to get in either of these, particularly DB2 because Ramsey Campbell, Steve Alten and Guy N Smith are also appearing in it!!! The main thing that makes me nervous when sending stories in is less whether or not an editor thinks it's good enough (no point worrying about that) but whether my story will fit what they want...

I tend to have a habit of writing things on the periphery of guidelines. I can't help it. My sub for DB2, 'Dredge', is pretty domestic - a man and woman are having marital problems, and then on top of this the man starts breeding fish inside him, which he then puts inside his wife...and basically, a shitload of people start mutating, but it's not all down to this one man. I think it's pretty cool and different (but then I would say that :D ) but whether it's exotic or deviant enough for Severed Press I'll have to wait and see.

The Times of Trouble sub is called 'The Future Is What We Say It Is', and might be too pulpy/humourous for the editor's tastes, but it does have an extremely bleak ending...a young man in 1954 takes part in a time travel experiment and finds himself involved in a plot to, basically, control the world. He then takes an extremely drastic step to prevent this future from happening.

One thing I noticed is that the editor of Times of trouble kept popping on to the Permuted forum to talk about what he likes to see from submissions, which is something I did with No More Heroes. I like to see that, to see an editor expressly stating what they do or do not want. I might have to start doing it with A Glitch in the Continuum if it looks like I'm getting loads of the same sort of stories...but I haven't read any yet so we'll have to wait and see.

I'm also trying to finish a 4000 words bizarro story by tonight, having not planned it out at all. Having said that, though, I do know there's going to be a 'twist' at the end which sheds light on why a particular thing is happening throughout the story (and that particular thing seems to be the danger, but IT ISN'T!!!).

Oooo how mysterious!


  1. Good luck with your subs. I missed the Dead Bait 2 deadline - your storyline sounds unique and intetersting.