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Friday, 11 June 2010


"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once" - John Archibald Wheeler

The Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy presents:


I'm looking for stories concerning time-travel and alternate realities/dimensions (stories can involve both or either of these things), in which something goes wrong, or an expected fault occurs, that plays an important part in the plot.

Usual genres accepted (horror, sci-fi, urban/dark fantasy, etc), cross-genre stuff particularly welcomed. I'm not after obvious stories, like having the Nazis win WWII, or JFK doesn't get shot, none of that sort of thing. I'm also not interested in what I would consider 'hard sci-fi', ie where the story gets bogged down in technical terms for complex scientific procedures.

Word limit: A very firm 5000 – 9000.
Deadline: 15th October 2010, so plenty of time to get your thinking caps on.
Payment: 1 cent per word + 1 contributor copy

No reprints.
No multiple submissions.
Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let me know if your story gets accepted elsewhere.

Please follow standard manuscript format, as detailed HERE. I prefer submissions in Times New Roman 12 point, but I won't berate you if you send it in Courier.

Send as a .doc or .rtf attachment to glitchantho@gmail.com with 'STORY – Your Name' in the subject heading of the email.

Please also make sure to mention the story's word count, together with a brief outline of it, in the email. You can also include your bio and/or any publishing history, but don't go nuts and list every single thing you've ever done and don't worry if you're previously unpublished.

I'll send you a 'story received!' email, but if you don't get one within 4 days please query.

Any submissions that don't follow these guidelines will be used as rubbish to fuel my flux capacitor, and I will travel back in time and slap your mother for giving birth to such a dunderheaded child.

I think that's everything. Any questions etc, ask away or PM me!

Wayne Goodchild

The Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy lives online here: http://libraryofthelivingdead.lefora.com/forum/category/library-of-science-fiction-fantasy/