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Monday, 14 June 2010


nb. ignore the date mentioned atop this post - I wanted to put all this info within my blog instead of plastered down the side like I used to do, so it neatens the place up a bit. My mum would be so proud to hear me say that.

In any case, the stuff listed below is all super duper up to date, as of Thursday 15th December 2011.

All the books I'm in are available via my Amazon Author Page!

DEAD ON EARTH (it's a Kindle graphic novel) is currently available on Amazon HERE [for further info on this particular thing check out THIS].

I also have/had some artwork in THE BANKSY Q book which was available but like so much street art, doesn't exist any more.

I am also linked with COLLABTHOLOGY which is available HERE.

Here's a REVIEW of ZOMBIE ZOOLOGY done by FANGORIA: Oh my god shit yes!

And one of Zombie Zoology that mentions my story!!!

Now go buy them, goddamnit!

(Most recently accepted listed first)

OF BURIED TRUTHS appears online in Eschatology Journal!

TENNYSON'S PENULTIMATE STAND is due to appear in a charity antho of zombie flash fiction!

HALF PRICE MEDS appeared in SNM! Get some bizarro fiction down your throat HERE!

"DOCTOR DOLITTLE HE AIN'T" will appear of Fearology 2, by Library of Horror! Well, it was going to, but that antho's recently been cancelled. Boooooo!

THIS CIRCUS; THESE ROOTS has found a home in Bloody Carnival, which is being published by Pill Hill Press. RIGHT NOW IN FACT!

OF DIRT AND DUST appears in Back to the Middle of Nowhere, by Pill Hill Press! AVAILABLE NOW!

ONE MAN AND HIS DOG appears in Severed Press' Zombie Zoology anthology! AVAILABLE NOW!

SISTERS OF BACON appears in the almighty BACONOLOGY antho! BUY IT NOW!

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS appears in Through The Eyes of the Undead, published by Library of the Living Dead! AVAILABLE NOW!

REVEREND AUSTIN'S OFFICIAL 'STAYING-ALIVE-DURING-A-ZOMBIE-APOCALYPSE' TIPS has found its home in The Moron's Guide To The Inevitable Zombocalypse!

MIDNIGHT IN A SMALL TOWN appears in Tales From The Void - get it NOW!

MIDAS, my zombied-up version of King Midas, has been selected to appear in Zombie Feary Tales, coming from the Library as well, publication date TBA. This, too, has recently been cancelled. Arrghh!

A piece I've written appears in Letters From The Dead, by Library of the Living Dead. AVAILABLE NOW!

EYGPT, PA appears in The Scroll of Anubis - AVAILABLE NOW!

BOB THE PIANO appears in The Cynic

WEATHER REPORT appears in This Zine Will Change Your Life

DONKEY PICNIC appears in issue 15 of Six Little Things

THIS HEAT CANNOT BE KILLED appears on Flashes In The Dark


It's the 1940's, and jazz-musician-turned-preacher JONATHAN CAVE has found himself in the creepy artistic community of NEW BEDLAM. Together with his flapper 'sidekick' Laura Paris, Jonny confronts all manner of hellish creatures and situations, which are yours to read in the New Bedlam zine, created by Jodi Lee!

THIS TOWN HIDES AN INFERNO appeared in Issue 3, and heralded the arrival of a mysterious stranger who brings his own heatwave of mutation and death.

DIONYSUS RISING was split in half and appeared in the October 2010 and January 2011 issues! Six months after the events in This Town... Jonny faces an old adversary who's come to New Bedlam intent on creating and spreading unbridled madness. Both parts have now been archived!

And some special, super-cool news: I was one of the lucky writers who was invited to submit to the first PRINT issue of New Bedlam. I'm still waiting to hear when this'll see publication, but it'll feature the next Jonny Cave story 'Underneath It All', in which the consequences of the events in Dionysus Rising have a far worse effect on New Bedlam than anyone in the town could ever realise...
And I'm really hoping my novel, THIS VILLAGE NEVER DREAMS finds a home somewhere HINTHINTHINTHINT!!!!!!!

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