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Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Permuted Press are putting together a Time Travel antho {here it is!} so I've written something remarkably fast for it. How amusing! Although, like seems to be my forté, my idea sort-of sits on the periphery of the guidelines. Hmmm. They do list a few stories as examples of what they'd like to see, and I found one of them online [All You Zombies] and by crikey it's messed-up! Mine's called The Future Is What We Say It Is, which I think sums it up pretty well. Yes! Giant robots? Check! Wildly inaccurate science? Check!

What else? Severed Press have shown the full cover to Zombie Zoology --> have a gander: http://severedpress.lefora.com/2010/03/05/zombie-zoology/#post15

I'm off to meet a writer on Friday who I converse with via Cafe Doom so that's quite exciting - he's called Geoff Nelder and you can find his novel Exit, Pursued By A Bee in Waterstones. Cafe Doom are also running their next crit group soon and I recommend anyone to sign up with 'em for the next one as the help/feedback often proves invaluable.

Last of all, I've joined a collaborative zombie novel project and I'm REALLY excited about it! More news about THAT as and when.

Last of all last of all: send me a story for No More Heroes! http://nomoreheroesanthology.blogspot.com/

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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