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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


This is my hundredth post! Woop-de-doo! In two weeks I'll have been submitting work for one year, and in that time I've managed to get 14 acceptances, so I'm suitably chuffed.

Some more good news, too: I asked Jodi Lee, editor of The New Bedlam Project, about the possibility of serializing the adventures of Jonny Cave, and she said she'd love to see what I have to offer. However, in my 'thank you' reply email I spelt her name 'Jodie'. Bollocks. I did send an apology right away but let this be a lesson - always double-check your emails and make sure you know how to spell the name of someone you're hoping to curry favour with hahaarrghhhh

Anyway. I have a whole bunch of ideas and adventures in store for Jonny, but I think his first/next escapade might very well involve that ol' staple of 'fiction becomes reality'. Hey, we're talking New Bedlam here, and that town is a hotbed of WEIRD.

And that's HOW for NOW!

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