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Saturday, 14 November 2009


If only because it'll bring an end to all my worries. Yeah okay Captain Pedantic, so it'll bring a whole new set of worries with it, but at least they'll be shared by everyone.

I got a rejection for an agent query today - a polite one, but it still got me thinking. It didn't 'inspire excitement' in the agent, which could simply be their personal preference...but it still got me thinking.

I think 'first person point-of-view'* queries might be considered a 'gimmick' but I'm carrying a lot of anger at the moment and think a "confrontational" style would at the very lesat grab the agent/publisher's attention, and make them think that an angry person's targetted them for no rea reason ahaha aaahhhhhhhhhhh.

"So you think you've got problems? Should you have a latte with soy or skimmed milk? Try being me for a while, sweetheart/pal; despite living all over the place, I've been continuously (not literally) haunted by (literally) unspeakable, and indescribable horrors."

Say, that's not half-bad...

Also working on my zombie collab, and I have to say, just referring to it as a 'zombie' story really doesn't do it justice. It's MENTAL.

Going to watch The Hills Run Red soon - look for a review tomorrow, if I can be bothered haha

And why the anger? Well I am having a bad hair day.

*and as an interesting aside on 1st person POV, read THIS

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