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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I was best man at a friend's wedding (as opposed to at a strangers haha) and it was AWESOME! My speech was labelled "brilliant...but a little bizarre" by another guest :D

But anyway, that took all my weekend up. So, I had a little break from writing, and went back to it this morning. I managed to sort out a 'logic' problem with a werewolf story I plan on submitting, and then had a read back over some older stories.

Which was depressing. See, I have most of the second book of my 'Jack Green triptych' worked out/written, and a nice amount of planning/the first few chapters of the third book sorted. But, I'm currently trying/hoping to get the first book published. So, on the one hand it's pointless spending time on something that relies so heavily on having something in particular published, but on the other, I'm writing some excellent lines and the whole idea's too awesome not to write. If I do say so myself :D

In the world of the Jack Green stories, there is no such thing as a 'background character' - everyone has a bigger part to play than first impressions suggest. This is both grotesquely ambitious and foolhardy, but nuts to that. "They" say you shouldn't expect your first novel to get published, but "they" are idiots. Why shouldn't you expect it to get published? Hope is a marvellous tool. Also, everyone who writes (and I mean everyone from Jefferey Archer to Stephen King to me and you) gets better as they go along - like with most any other craft. There's nothing to stop you going back over earlier work/an earlier novel and rejig/re-edit it. That's exactly what the above authors have done. I really don't think it hurts to write a novel/a story and leave it for a bit and take your time refining it (unless you're working towards a deadline).

And that's my "thought for the day". HOWZAT!?

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