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Thursday, 15 October 2009


Watched UP yesterday in 'Real 3D'. The film was wonderful and poignant, the 3D was a little pointless. All it does is add depth to the image, like a hologram. There's a tiny bit of 'stuff flying out the screen at you' going on, but mostly it just looks like the screen is built into a room. Kinda cool but after a while you start to forget you're watching something in 3D. I did get to keep the glasses though, so that's Rev. Austin - 1, The Man - 0. YEAH! TAKE THAT!

It's a bit nippy today in ol' North Lincolnshire, so what better way to spend the day then ensconced in a study tapping away at more stories? I finally started working at my local art gallery last week, which I don't think is a particularly interesting info tidbit, but someone thinks it's worth mentioning >_<

So the 'point' is, until I'm next needed there I can type away with IMPUNITY!


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