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Monday, 26 October 2009


I've got a bunch of shifts at an art gallery, which is cool, although completely exhausting because I'm working with kids pretty much all the time. With Halloween coming up, the gallery's having a 'Pumpkin Day' and us staff have been invited to take a pumpkin home to do something "arty" with. I figured I'd write a fairy tale about 'The Pumpkin King' - a handsome prince loves eating pumpkins so much it becomes a problem, and he ends stealing some off a witch. In retaliation she turns him into a pumpkin. The only problem is I can't think of an ending that would be suitable for kids. I know children have an innate appreciation for the macabre, but I think I might get in trouble for ending the story with the idea that the pumpkin the kid's currently holding is the head of The Pumpkin King, and all his brains have been scooped out.

My only other idea was to hollow out and carve the pumpkin, so kids could wear it like a helmet. I think that'd be pretty funny but two things are stopping me:

1) I don't have a child's head to measure so I don't know if it'd fit one
2) Health and Safety would probably go mental if they found out what I'd done, and would ban kids putting a giant fruit on their heads because they're soulless killjoys.

So, I'll continue with my 'write a possibly-too-weird-for-kids fairy tale on a pumpkin with marker pen' idea, unless my boss at the gallery says I am allowed to make a helmet. I really hope so. I can imagine toddlers wandering about wearing a pumpkin. I think it'd be awesome.

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