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Sunday, 12 July 2009


I'm going to have to calm right down with writing for a little while, as I'm spending many, many hours typing, and I keep getting intense blasts of vertigo that last all day, and staring at a computer screen really doesn't help it. It runs in the family, apparently. The vertigo, not the need to write continuously.

Having said that, I'm still doing a little bit of writing, mainly back on my 'superhero fantasy comedy'. I've just reached 10, 000 words on it, so another 60k or so and I can call it a novel haha I think I can do it, considering it's taken 9, 000 words to mention the main plot for the first time (not that the preceeding 8, 000 were wasted on guff). We'll see, anyways.

I'll update QUIET, PLEASE! soon with a new book review of an old book. Keep 'em peeled like onions, kiddies! xxx

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