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Sunday, 17 July 2016


At first, the surrounding cities and towns watched my passage with glaring amber lights under a soft, eerie green haze of light pollution. These structures were benign, passive, but with a hint of quiet accusation. Are you running away? they asked, silently. No, I replied. I'm going for the one thing you can't give me, which is space.

Soon, these neon mountains gave way to low houses guarded by towering blank concrete blocks, which in turn became other unknown structures. The night and dwindling artificial illumination rendered these things a conglomeration of irregular angles and obscure function. Shapes that couldn't possibly be used for anything jutted from pale grey forms, like the ghosts of buildings. Soon enough, even the death of architecture reared its head as ruined, abandoned and neglected buildings began to litter the tracks.

And then, a merciful midnight blue, with nothing but the vaguest hints of an outside world. A person could be rocketing through nothing, with no possible end in sight, and that would be perfectly fine. Just the steady, insistent clunk, clack and chunk-chunk of an engine and the subtle stirrings of other forms nearby. Out here, the world could end and you'd never know until the night itself ceased to end.

I soundtracked this journey with some dark, atmospheric electronics. You can have a listen via a Youtube playlist I gone done made, of said sounds, right here -> HELP I AM TRAPPED IN A TUNNEL - it's designed to be cyclical, so that eventually you lose all sense of a true beginning and end.

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