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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Well here's a nice surprise I dug up this morning - it's the very first letter I received from a proper publisher, way back in I think 2006/2007! I accidentally ruined the original copy by spilling coffee on it, but wouldn't you know it, my parents made a laminated copy before that happened. Sneaky sneaky parents!

I also had a really good, lengthy email communication with Anthony Nott for months, even when his boss decided not to accept my manuscript. He (Anthony) gave me my first proper self-esteem/confidence boost to take writing seriously, least of all because I fully expected a straight-on 'no' rejection.

I still haven't found a home for this particular novel but in a kind of backhanded compliment way, almost every publisher I send it to replies with similar sentiments to this letter. So maybe one day someone will take a chance on it!

I'm still pleased with all the other writing achievements I've made, which technically started with the publication of a piece of flash horror fiction on Flashes In The Dark, which was run by a chap I believe called Tony Smith. Flashes still exists but I don't think he's involved with it anymore - does anyone know if he's still around? He was a really nice chap in emails, too.

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