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Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Oi oi.

In my last post I revealed that I'm teaching myself how to code video games, with my main focus being a ninja platformer. I'm taking a slight break from that, though, as I'm entering LOWREZJAM 2016. It's a Game Jam, which happen all the time, and always feature interesting themes. This one is games that are only 64 by 64 pixels in size. My entry is almost done. This is what it's called:

It's a two player game that is both about dead burnt cowboys locked in a high noon gun battle and not about this at all. I'm currently adding daft little touches like being able to shoot the other player's hat off and an idea for a sort-of secret ending.

Ah yes. The ending. A good video game is like a good book - it should have a beginning, middle and end. It also shouldn't plateau early on - there needs to be development of some kind, such as extra abilities or story elements or what-have-you. CHARRED CORPSE GUNFIGHT is likely going to have around 7 endings, some of which it's feasible no one will ever actually reach haha. UNLESS they're crafty and patient. But I've already said too much...!

I've got a ton of other ideas on the go, too. I am focusing on the ninja game and this one, but because I enjoy programming but need to take a break from these games every so often, I work on other genres. I've got a couple of different real time strategy prototypes on the go, a mini giant monster simulator called TYRANT REX (after one of my toy/sculptures) as well as a tiny platform game called INSIDE AN ANGRY WIFE. Also something that might be an RTS or a tower defence game, I'm not sure yet. All I know is it's going to be one of those ambient/minimalist type affairs and use these weird cubes:

So that's it. I love learning new stuff and figuring out how things work, and coding scratches both these itches. I'm particularly enjoying working on CHARRED CORPSE GUNFIGHT because the remit is limited and forces creative thinking/design - I might well make a bunch of daft 'tiny' games, as they're quicker to work on than a full-scale one, then see about bunging 'em on an app store or something. We'll see.

Until next time, chums!

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