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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Have you ever wanted to pretend to be the reanimated burnt corpse of a cowboy? Have you ever fantasised about being locked in a hellish high-noon/midnight quickdraw with your hated enemy? Have you secretly longed to experience these things within a limited colour palette? Then oh boy, is CHARRED CORPSE GUNFIGHT for you!

Relive the fight that inexplicably caused your body to self-combust across several weird levels that culminate in fighting a mountain. If you make it that far.

CHARRED CORPSE GUNFIGHT is my first publicly available game. I've made it for Low Rez Jam (64 x 64 pixel games) and it incorporates a lot of stuff I like/do, eg horror imagery and industrial sounds. But in a cute way, possibly. It's FREE and can be downloaded from here: https://atomic-toilet.itch.io/charred-corpse-gunfight


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