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Monday, 21 July 2014


I'm selling off my Transformers collection! Thanks to Colin Hall-Williams and Matthew Adams for their help in identifying a lot of them. You can eyeball Colin's CARDCORE GAMER column on the Website of Doom HERE! Give Thew some eyeball love on Youtube HERE!

Now, on to some RED HOT ROBOT ACTION - if you're interested in any of these CONTACT ME with the subject 'RED HOT ROBOT ACTION'. I haven't listed prices as, for the most part, I'm open to offers. For the robots, I mean. You pervert.

There are A LOT of bots to get through, so this post contains MISCELLANEOUS ROBOTS including Sparkbots and Triplechangers.
Go HERE for Headmasters.
HERE for Micromasters.
HERE for Actionmasters.
HERE for Pretenders.

Warpath and Seaspray. Very good/good condition.

FIRECON. Cindersaur. Push him along and he burps out sparks! Very good condition.

Boomer and Ricochet (the middle ones) go with Quickmix (the red truck).
Silencer and Flintlock (on the edges) go with Landfill (the pale truck). All excellent condition.

TARGETMASTER: Pinpoint. Goes with Crosshairs, who I don't have, unfortunately. Great condition.

The tank is SPARKACON: Guzzle (great condition) - he farts sparks. The others are Wideload and Rollbar. Wideload's in good condition, Rollbar's in decent condition, but missing a cover for his FACE.

Cassette bots! EJECT and OVERKILL. Good condition. The front tape bits are quite worn.

GRAPPLE. Okay condition. He's missing his hands, poor bugger.

ONSLAUGHT. Good condition. Bit floppy. Forms the main body for Bruticus! 

SLUDGE. Dinobot. Looks down in the dumps, doesn't he? Some of his joints are very loose, unfortunately. Okay condition.

SEACONS: Skalor and Tentakil. Both in excellent condition.

Skydive, Slingshot, Air Raid. Decent/okay condition.

Dragstrip, Dead End, Motormaster. Combine to form parts of Menasor! Good condition.

TRIPLECHANGER: Sandstorm. Good condition.

TRIPLECHANGER: Octane. Okay condition, but joints are nice n stiff.

Twin Twist. He's got bum drills. Okay condition - bit battered, but the motorized part of him still works; still got chrome on his drills, and has all his stickers. 

And last but not least: DECOY: Blaster. I guess this is more of a collectible. Very good condition.

Go HERE for Headmasters.
HERE for Micromasters.
HERE for Actionmasters.
HERE for Pretenders.


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