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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I basically ended up taking a year off from writing, or rather from fully concentrating on it, as first 90% of my stories were destroyed in an unfortunate USB memory stick malfunction, then the start of my own proper business and subsequent balls-deep foray into festival planning consumed literally every waking moment for MONTHS, followed (unsurprisingly) by several more months of ill health, all conspired against me. It's only been since I moved into my current house in March that I've had the wherewithal to crack back on with it properly and re-establish some semblance of discipline (I initially used to write from 7-10pm every day, and then as much as possible).

I've got a few things floating about in the ether at the moment, but today one has been SNATCHED from my grubby mitts by the wonderful Dark Continents Publishing (wonderful, because they also published my story about The King in Yellow, Xanthophobia, in Phobophobia - have you got YOUR copy yet?). The story in question is called DREDGE and will appear in their forthcoming The Sea anthology, edited by Nerine Dorman. In it, a family suffering the aftereffects of both the father's infidelity and the worst storm Australia's seen in years, deal with insidious mutations caused by the return of a long dormant, underwater god. Nerine called it "deliciously creepy" and I'm going to keep using that quote until I the day I die in a mysterious brothel fire at the age of eighty-six.

And with this luvverlee news, I bid you all a cheery Cthulhu!

"Great stuff!"
And a deeply appropriate and awesome song:

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