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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hello. I now, officially, offer an editing service.

Everything from simple spell/grammar-checking right through to full formatting. 

I've already got a nice little reputation for being thorough and dedicated, so why not let me funnel those qualities into your project? 

I'm also a firm believer in keeping an author updated all the way through a project, rather than just at the start and end. 

My main experience is with anthologies/short stories, but I've recently finished editing a novel (Eternal Fall by R.D. Taylor) and I'm starting work on another novel soon (Dying Moon, by Shawn Oetzel - both being published by Belfire Press), so I think that pretty much covers all the bases :D 

My rates are very reasonable. Of course. 

More info HERE.

Contact me for a quote and/or for a free sample of my handiwork HERE or HERE.

I should probably have some nifty tagline, but I can't think of anything that doesn't involve making a joke like 'My rates are so reasonable they've been known to resolve hostage situations' or 'There are worse editors out there' or 'I'm not crap'.

As you were.

This came up in a Google image search for 'editor'. Okay then.

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