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Thursday, 10 May 2012


I bet you can't POSSIBLY guess what that title refers to, can you? I bet it's REALLY difficult to work it out. Well, don't worry, thicko, because I'm going to spell it out for you: I'm opening this blog to YOU, so YOU can post about whatever YOU want. I won't literally give you my log-in details, because otherwise I'll come back here to find the background's been replaced with a picture of cats farting rainbows. Instead, EMAIL ME your post, along with any pics/links/vids you'd like to use, and I'll do the rest.

Got a book to pimp? Fine. Got a film review sitting about? Also fine. Need an impartial web-based location with which to fill with vitriolic bile about something of no real interest or consequence? Now we're talking! Talk/rant about whatever you want. Link to a terrible website. Use pictures to express your feelings to a co-worker. Write a little story that doesn't make any sense. My door is open to your words. The only thing I'll draw a line under is anything that promotes racism/homophobia/all the usual bad stuff no one ever wants to read about.


And to put you in the mood:

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