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Saturday, 28 April 2012


My old film lecturer TOM CRAIG is making/has made a horror film! He and his crew need a little bit more money to properly finish the process, so if you can help, that would be AWESOME. A lot of my university lecturers weren't very good, to be frank, but Tom was engaging and knowledgeable so I'm chuffed to see he's making something worthwhile. Also, he gave me decent marks for my final year dissertation 'Zombies Ate My Thesis: Zombies as Social Commentary and Metaphor' and said my writing was "good enough for Empire" so that gives him a special place in my heart haha Below is a trailer for the film in question, ARGON GREEN. It does look good, very atmospheric. Thanks to my chum Jim Moore (who also attended the same uni) for letting me know about this. You can find out about his films HERE.

Funding for ARGON GREEN is being handled via INDIEGOGO, a crowd-source funding platform something I was only made aware of recently thanks to a writer called David R. Roberts, who's putting together a play in London called THE SHADOW FORMULA. Here's a trailer for THAT:

To pledge some support for THE SHADOW FORMULA (or just for more info) go HERE.

To pledge some support for ARGON GREEN (or just for more info) go HERE. (At the time of writing this has slightly less time left to acquire additional funds).

To find out more about Indiegogo, go HERE. For info on Kickstarter go HERE.

To listen to some cinematic music, click this:

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