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Monday, 24 October 2011


Twice in one day! Some people might call me a 'serious news' stud for that hit rate. But down to business:

Due to economic reasons, Twisted Library Press are putting a hold on all their anthologies for at least six months, and some will even be getting dropped. This is awful, terrible news, but not unavoidable nor unrealistic, really. You can read Doc Pus's announcement HERE.

I've currently got four anthologies with TLP waiting to see the light of day, so there's probably a good chance I'll be waving goodbye to some of my babies. Yes, I just called them 'babies'. Shut up! I feel like I'm on one side of a divorce and I'm waiting to see who gets the children.

I don't know which anthos are getting the ol' heave-ho yet, but as soon as I do I'll let all the relevant writers know. I've got a few stories waiting to see the light of day, but I'm more bothered about the anthos I've done because of the amount of people and effort involved with them (the art alone for Through The Wormhole is AMAZING and deserves to be seen on a book cover). But, I think a lot of people who've been following or involved with TLP (formerly Library of the Living Dead) knew, deep down, this day would come. Doc's pockets aren't bottomless pits, after all, and the sheer number of upcoming anthologies meant that critical mass would have to be reached sooner rather than later. It's sad, and gutting, but would be grotesquely unfair to start pointing fingers and bitching about it, as it's no one's fault save THE GOVERNMENT! Cue bad satire: oh wait, I can't be bothered.

If any of my anthos get the chop, I'd like to think I'd be able to 'shop' them around with other publishers, but I don't know if this is bad form or not, as it's all new to me. I'd publish them myself if I had the money, but I can't even afford to pay my latest electricity bill, nevermind churn out a run of books the size of bricks. Maybe if I won the lottery...maybe if I started playing the lottery first...

Anyway, any and all updates will appear on here, as well as my Facebook and Twitter feeds, but you're best off keeping an eye on the TLP forum.

I'm not crying, I've just got some rain on my face.

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