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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hello, world! I recently lost a whole load of writing when my USB memory stick broke. There are companies who can, supposedly, recover data from broken memory sticks but the ones I've found are a bit pricey. But, I have to pay it to get my stuff back - there are a LOT of new and revised stories sitting on the stick, and it's depressing that I'm all hepped up and ready to work on a few of them, but can't. I was also going to start sending my novel THIS VILLAGE NEVER DREAMS back out, after re-editing it, but the first half of the new version is sat on the stick. Great stuff.

It's not all bad news, though. PHOBOPHOBIA (previously mentioned down the page) is the subject of a BOOK SIGNING at FORBIDDEN PLANET in LONDON! Friday 9th December. Full details to come! I'll be travelling down to London that afternoon, so hopefully I'll have time to pop by. Can't imagine many people will be asking me to sign their copies, though, because no one really knows who I am hahaha maybe I'll try and dress really important or something, or wear a top saying 'I'm Wayne Goodchild'.

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