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Monday, 19 September 2011


Greetings, scumbags! I've been remarkably quiet on here as of late, and for that I apologise. Now shut up and read my words you bastards.

As as often the case with me, I tend to pile a lot of my energy into several creative ventures at once, causing one or two to slide into the background a bit. But, I guess it's not really at any sort of expense since the stuff I do focus on turns out effing awesome. This is the point where I plug my band again, and then ask you to consider supporting us by purchasing our CD. We're called Handsome Bastards and don't really sound like anyone else, and I feel confident in saying that because my musical taste is both impeccable and all-encompassing. You can pick up a copy of the TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM ep here for A VERY SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY. We use this money to fund orphanages in Africa. Fund them buying their cocaine, that is. What, you didn't know that's how those places operate? You haven't lived, my friend.

I've also been doing stuff with my arts education collective, Tinpot. Please take a moment to check out our Facebook page and 'like' us! If you don't, I'll know you secretly hate children.

And back to the business in hand, namely WRITING. I've got three main things to work on at the moment; a sort-of sci-fi script (which is being polished), a short story in which a very surreal and grotesque apocalypse comes to Scunthorpe (yes, I finally get a chance to decimate my hometown), and a short story about a sinister funfair.

The script is for a friend, that I may or may not be at liberty to discuss openly. I probably am, but I'd like to create some air of mystery.

The apocalypse story is for THIS BOOK which I was invited to write for. I'm always very honoured and thankful when this happens, and especially so when the other authors involved are reeeaaalllllly cool people *crawly crawly bum lick*.

The funfair story is for THIS SUBMISSION CALL. I don't think I've plugged Evil Jester Press yet, which is borderline criminal of me. It's run by Charles Day, a lovely chap I've met online (not like that, you perverts) who writes beguilingly innocent horror (I mean, in the style, not that it all ends up being a baddie in a monster mask like in Scooby Doo or anything). I'm chuffed to bits this venture's got off the ground running, and hope it continues. I certainly don't think it hurts having people like my editing chum Bill Tucker onboard to help compile anthos ;) Not that I'm assuming my story will be easily picked up for this particular anthology! Although I hope so, because it's already moving along at a cracking pace and has a very strange reason for the sinister stuff that happens. There's also a lot of real darkness involved (like the insinuation of rape, and the bleakness of living in a town that's inexorably dying from lack of jobs) that I think adds something extra to proceedings. I had success with a circus horror story already [ buy this to find out what it's like ;) ] so if lightning can strike twice in this particular sub-genre, I'll be pretty chuffed.

I think that's the main stuff for now. KEEP TUNED FOR MORE SEXCITING UPDATES????

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